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He knelt to climb over

She watched his retreating figure, convinced that said, I will not be wrong, wait, I will let you join, hum! Nobody has ever escaped the palm of my hand. President you he did not as you say is the master? seems that this year there are no new students come in, or a few of us, alas! sad ah! the vice president of her hands can not help but complain about it. You also do not complain, and now I give you a task, that is, the man must have just invited to come in, you go and look up his information, the more detailed the better.
In fact, these things do too hasty a little, with reliable sources, Wolf mercenary group was ready to move to the Phoenix, is somewhat superfluous. Now is riding a tiger.  absolutely simple tone trace of frustration. How nobody recommended? The small desert sick, slept a bit too long, do you understand me. For a desert but also to the injections, you vote to comfort a small desert me, hurry up vote Laiza small desert ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ toad beast looked up to me when chuanshan beast move, this is a good opportunity, do toad beast in this war will actually see chaos, and wander this in to the mountains beast attacks of opportunity, I think, certainly now the toad beast more angry with me, I think I still they immediately want to battle finished and ran it, otherwise, I will greet of been super Warcraft angry attacks, that taste, certainly having a hard time. Mountains beast quickly toad beast rushed, at the same time, in the mountains beast immediate, numerous soil composed of soil spear quickly flew to the frog beast still wander. Just at this time, the toad beast finally found wrong, because he felt the bursts of fluctuations in the magic came from the mountains beast, also felt the shaking of the earth, the mountains beast run.
Luo dispensers suddenly kneeling in front of three people: three people you are trying to cut off my head to come and collect back say kill all of us, and then put the point of our benefactor genetically I beg you!  that most young people suddenly burst into tears: Brother! He knelt to climb over, hugging Luo treasurer, his grim, exposing the fangs, but his love is true: We do not know how to do, brother, third brother and I, we do not know how to do! Brother! Why do we survive the jerk ruled ah! other two brothers also rushed over, four people together, cry up! This moment is really sad day mourning people, old left heart burst sigh, where have Kuren ah! Not lamented finished - an evil wind broad surge! A black lightning, with the all-conquering power from the mid-air at the very start shot down! Fast and violent, fast reaction - this is the stop left the military no enemy experience caused people can not, his recognition ability is very powerful, but this scene has attracted so not looked search! Tragedy, so inadvertently happened! That lightning directly toward the four brothers, including Luo dispensers injured, is a younger brother to the fastest response: Be careful! He were doing best, shoved the other three men launched're good to go! , But too late to escape! Peng through the body and over! A huge black spears, living younger brother nail in the ground Luo treasurer mesh Ci do crack: younger brother! Old left in the shot is too late, the hearts of extreme remorse! However, that Lance did not stop, followed by intense spin! Bring up a black cyclone! Younger brother's body was immediately volumes in this cyclone into a myriad of black dust, scattered falling! In the face of the other three brothers, was completely destroyed! Midair sneer: Hmmm, really Brothers Wife ah, king that he really did not misread you, really damn Jianzhong,cheao oakley sunglasses sale, not qualified alive! He bayan, that spear live! Inverted flight back, the one-handed catch of a man showing shape slowly from the sky! That this person is tall, full two meters, half-length naked, exposing a black muscle, face dark, twisted, cruel sneer mouth hung! The most uncomfortable only face one eye in the middle! One-eyed demon! Remaining in Arms sound changed, that terrorist trembling! They immediately rushed to cloth the same fate as the deceased, this is the king of the demon world, law enforcement, one-eyed demon will! The existence of super-powerful,Ran Ban sunglasses, and the demon will be more one of the best, called executive spear by! Hmmm, die before I tell you one thing, do not miss your parents and sister,http://cheaooakleysunglasses.wilnick.com/, in fact, your parents caught have been scalped skin, do the the magnate hall paving felt! There is your sister , I heard that was sent to bear go demon-dong, the the Bear king's concubine early as another pretty face, just alive pila down your sister's face made her face, and then there are the breasts, legs, you know, those alive anatomy down to plant, the last time in your sister have turned into a pile of scrap also hear her screams! ha ha ha ha ha ha! you! Luo treasurer finger this guy would like it, but in the cursing out a blood puff erupted! His body is like the feeling of the sister being tortured by the pain of that moment, how like hell ah! Looking calm as the corpse of the old left, so silent one-eyed demon front, thin body, blocked it would be nearly two meters of the guys, the old left did not speak, he carefully looked at the giant, he smell a hint of flavor, the taste of death! This is only his own taste, because his body is a mass of dead flesh, no blood, no context, relies entirely on the external atmosphere and ideas to promote the activities of the body, others smell, he can smell himself There was a dead many years of musty, today, in front of this guy who has! Moreover, and more overbearing than his taste! Old left: Lo treasurer, Nice to meet you ah! They met! Luo Treasurer: Mr. Zuo!, How do you here! Old left: I am here, because, to give your brother revenge! He eyes emit light to look directly at the one-eyed monster! : Although I am not strong, but Tebian hate those who trample on other people's well-being and dignity of existence! (Write this book to commemorate my favorite characters, the conditions God Bless and Halliday, and that I should find a girlfriend standards tall leggy skirts, delicate! Everyone has a dream, and want to die, want longevity, and want to be forever young, want unfettered, this is my dream, and certainly is gone - can be resurrected in this story Thanks for every reader, each of my supporters) one-eyed demon sneer: when what original personal form zombie! even the blood of your training period also have not seen (the old left surprised? blood refining Period? would not our faction is also practicing the process?) dare nosy, you're dead! This guy is atrocious to a certain extent, supposedly, of different races, between give a face, for fear of getting into trouble, this guy is arrogant extremely , arrogant, do not care about black spear in the hands of an engine, wrist flip spears as the water black boa, went straight to the front left zombie heart thorn over! Everyone wonders of the old left, On the strength certainly not his opponent, but the big effort alone is also good to deal with, just because a big effort is usually slow - but this guy big strength, speed fast - say big effort fast not difficult, the old left to see some martial arts books said, great strength, speed fast, bound to the main flaws on, can be striking - but this guy big strength, speed, gun strokes stability and tight, and there is nothing flaws! From the thorn, you can see it,swarovski sale, this guy is definitely not to be taken lightly, very difficult to deal with the old left immediately remind myself to be careful, his body up a pull two meters the ground up, just to escape the gun-type - he is longer than the speed, escape offensive or barely able to do it, and the next, he two m positive height stop down, there seems to slam the brakes fixed, then an emergency landing head down and feet up! Withdrawing spears, the demon will also slightly surprised: true Kuaia! But I saw that zombie has backwards turned down, his hands holding down the lance! Old left grinned: Success! The hands of white flashes, Shen Lei faint, electro-optic Shadow But even in this turn of already cast the hands of Palm Thunder: Festival! Soon as Duanhe, thunder and lightning, strong the current along the lance pass! Luo treasurer was in the back shouted: left Mr. careful! Old Left:?.